Glad Rags are the beer, chips, fuck you anthem-crooners of a new tomorrow. Formed in 2014 by four seasoned Vancouver musicians, Glad Rags will show you the pavement as fast as they show you the door. When you first give the self-titled EP a spin you could be forgiven for thinking that these Rags lean towards the ‘pop’ end of punk-pop. It’s infectious music and it sounds like party time. Take another listen and you’ll hear that Andrea Demurs and Tracy Thorn make up one serious rhythm section, and the guitars don’t jangle so much as growl. In a formidable one/two combination, Selina Koop and Sarah Jane Taylor deliver the vocals with a punch. With a disdain for the norms that society has given, Glad Rags is a celebration of femme firebrands and punk rock, not to mention good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll. Listen to their debut full-length, ‘SMILE’, released May 2016.

(Excerpts from Weird Canada and Ride the Tempo’s reviews of the Glad Rags EP.)